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Default Total Mayhem Rules

1. No profanity, rudeness, or being obnoxious. Such posts will be deleted or edited. More than one or two such posts, and you're gone.

2. Discuss ANYTHING you like (as long as it's appropriate for children to hear!) in the Total Mayhem forum. No rules apply to Total Mayhem except that you can't be mean to people or use profanity.

3. NO SPAM OF COURSE! Spammers will be banned instantly, and their spam deleted. In this context, Spam means advertising.

4. ANY requests or offers for illegal copies of our games will result in immediate banning. OBVIOUSLY. We don't like to be stolen from. Any other software piracy requests/offers will also cause banning. We ABSOLUTELY do not accept software piracy in any form or to any degree. EVER!!!!!

5. Anybody who creates a hostile environment or breaks rules repeatedly will be banned at our discretion. Come on, let's keep this friendly and fun!

6. This means that you CAN'T say anything mean to anyone else on this forum. You are ONLY allowed to be nice, at all times. What a horrible thing to have to endure...

The whole point of these rules is to create an environment where people can feel comfortable coming to discuss games, get help, or even just chat about life, without feeling like they're going to be attacked . It's not about creating a rigid environment where you can't do anything, but simply an open and friendly one where you CAN do anything - that would be appropriate in polite company in the real world. You can overwhelm everybody with garbage in the Total Mayhem forum if you like.
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