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Default Let's add some Lyrics!

In this thread, add lyrics to a song without lyrics, or modify the lyrics on a song WITH lyrics!
Just two catch: Please credit the name of the creator, and NO SWEARING (obviously)

This is mine.
A "lyricization" of a song by Robert A. Allen for Jazz Jackrabbit 1.
The name of this "lyricization" is "Crystal Chrysalis". (I mean, a "lyricization" [which is adding lyrics to a song without them] is a kind of remix, and a remix needs its own name.)

Crysilis, the world of crystals
Gold and riches all in nestles
Brightest star in the sky
Shimmering on your eye
All bow down before Crysilis
A world so great even snakes will happily hiss
Let's explore great Crysilis
Filled with bliss
Let's fly into the sky
Through the stars to this world
In this world you can see, see so sharply, see so clearly
See how it shines
See how it shimmers
Lets go explore the brightest golden star in the whole wide sky
Ye proceed to Crysilis
World of crystals go
Ye proceed to Crysilis
World so great you can't imagine your wealth so grand
I came here by running frantically
The throb of my heartbeats feels loud enough to burst
Your voice echoes and calls me
But there is no time for me to stop here
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