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Default Caption Contest

Come up with captions! I will add a top five list in another thread after someone posted the 60th caption.

I will host another one later. You may also host others of your own. Maybe even ones that give out prize points. This one is just for fun to start a trend
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I thought I was special!
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anyways.....GPL? gnu and penguine league?(just guessing)
I am a jedi warrior.
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Nebro-Gubular SpisBoy
Dumb Person
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1st entry:

As the Grand Phantastic League soared through the air, Yac-Man's head swam with uneasy thought. Had his nemesis escaped? Was he absolutely sure that the destructo-bomb had been disabled? Meanwhile, Penguin-Boy blissfully flew on, dreaming of haddocks and Jaffa cakes.
We're Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,
For more information, consult your Pineal Gland.
... Also, a T-rex with a jetpack!
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Legs sold separately.
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NGSP, that is HILARIOUS! I don't even know why...
Caution: may contain traces of nuts
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Is an abomination!
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the duo flew on, yak man unaware that there was an impostor flying right next to him...
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Tuxman, the Linux Penguin, and Yakboy, defeating Windows engines one by one!
Happy Ice Cream Land 2 - Coming to an add-on page near you!
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Large Mortal
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Hey great trampoline!

I told you not to let go of the elastic until I was ready!
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