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King of the pond!
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Default I want to post....

...but there wasnt a good topic to write in. Just want to say hello to everyone...seems like no one is around lately. :?
Well, I myself, am waiting for LL2 to come out. And also the next
Surpreme patch will be out too. Gosh, Mike is busy!

And....2 weeks ago, I stopped eating meat. Yep. Ducky is a vegitarian. I had to for health reasons. Just want to see how I like it.
So far, I do like it.
All I can say is... Mooooooo.

-Ducky (I like bean curd :P )

Mallard Memory 3 and Duck Wars --- Stopped
Learning new C++ programming library now.
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eats people.
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You should try Rice Dream vanilla rice milk. It's awesome.
No bueno.
"You've fallen into my fiendish trap of standing there waiting for you to just blurt it out for no reason." -Jamul
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Legs sold separately.
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Hooray! Ducky!
Are you still eating fish? It's a major part of a Duck's diet.
Caution: may contain traces of nuts
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Nebro-Gubular SpisBoy
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Hi Ducky, what are the haps?
Have fun being a vegetarian. And maybe eating fish. Grilled salmon is definitely the ultimate fish!
We're Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,
For more information, consult your Pineal Gland.
... Also, a T-rex with a jetpack!
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I thought I was special!
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I have two words for you.


It is the single best food EVER! As of right now, i am a vegitarian too, but ill still eat meat. Its just that i havent eaten anything but ramen noodles for about 2 months now. And, cmon. Look at the price! 1.00 for 6 packs of it! Imma live off this stuff in college!
I am a jedi warrior.
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