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Default Inheritance (Book series)

This thread is for discussion of the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini and any potential sequels/prequels to the series.

I just got the book Inheritance yesterday, and, after reading it in record time, I have to say it was probably one of the best books (if not the best) in the series, aside from the ending, which I didn't really care for.

Paolini has already dropped quite a few hints about a future novel continuing the story of Eragon, and has essentially all but confirmed a Book 5. Personally, I'm glad that he'll revisit some of the characters from the first four books, as there were just too many loose ends at the end of Inheritance for him to end Eragon's story there.

My thoughts on Book 4: (Note that these spoilers actually contain spoilers)

The book was excellent, until the end. The final defeat of Galbetorix occured in a way that few would have imagined, but yet, made perfect sense. After that, though, the story lost its luster. Arya becoming the elf queen was interesting. Although there wasn't any other elf we were really introduced to who might have been able to take the position, Arya has frequently expressed her desire to not remain in Du Weldenvarden throughout the series, yet ultimately is now forced to remain there. Yes, it is her duty to serve her people, but she now has a new duty as a Dragon Rider and she would have surely been a good teacher for the new order of Riders (perhaps she could have taught new Riders about wielding a sword, as she did Eragon?).

Forcing Arya to stay behind ends up damaging a relationship Paolini has been building throughout the series. Eragon has continually chased after Arya, despite her refusals, and Paolini has hinted that she also harbors feelings towards him. Paolini finally reveals this only to almost immediately separate the two for an indeterminate amount of time. We've seen this relationship grow for so long... and Paolini ultimately rips it apart.

Firnen plays a very small part in the story as well. We've known about the green egg thoughout the series, and it is hinted that it may ultimately help overthrow Galbetorix. Yet, in the end, Firnen doesn't hatch until after the final victory--far too late to help with the battle. He doesn't get involved in much else, besides his romance with Saphira, which is torn apart as quickly as it is created. Considering that Firnen is the one depicted on the book's cover, one would think he would be more involved in the story... But, he wasn't.

Thoughts on a possible Book 5:

Eragon will have to be revisited in a Book 5. We no nothing of his ultimate fate. Where did his ship end up landing? Did he succeed in creating a new order of Dragon Riders? The book may not start right where Inheritance left off, it might be 25 years later, or some other amount of time, but Eragon's story didn't receive the closure it needed.

For the same reasons, Arya will also have to be revisited in a sequel. As a Dragon Rider herself, it's a good possibility that she will eventually be setting foot at the land Eragon chose for the Riders new home, even if only temporarily. Also, her duties as a Dragon Rider and as queen of the elves will eventually conflict. At some point, she will have to realize that she can only choose one path to follow, and, as she can not release Firnen (as far as we know), her only real option is to step down as queen and join the Riders. Perhaps she has been training her successor in the arts of state during the time between Inheritance and Book 5? Or perhaps Book 5 includes some of the training of her successor? Whatever happens, her duty as a Rider will, at some point, force her path to cross Eragon's.

Roran, Katrina, and their child (whose name I can never remember) will not, I feel be revisited in a future sequel. Perhaps Roran will make a brief appearance through a conversation with Eragon through the enchanted mirrors, but Paolini ended Roran's tale in Inheritance. Roran has the life and family he was fighting for, and only the gravest of circumstances could return him to combat once again. His story has closure, and it would make little sense to return to his story in a sequel.

Murtagh, on the other hand, is sure to make an appearance. His departure in Inheritance is one of the biggest reasons to predict a sequel. Murtagh is not going to be soul-searching for the rest of his life. There is also the matter of Natsuata, who Murtagh clearly cares for. He knows full well that Natsuata isn't gifted with the longevity that he has, and if Paolini wishes to expand on the two's relationship, Murtagh must return from the north. A possible ending I can see is Natsuata taking up Eragon's offer of living with the Riders with long life, with Murtagh joining her and the rest of the Riders there.

King Orrin will also have to be revisited. He wasn't happy about the end result of Inheritance, and he is a prime candidate to be an antagonist in a future novel. With an increased kingdom, the King can quickly build up his military strength, and what's stopping him from taking the throne he believes should belong to him? His experiments may prove to play a part in this... Perhaps he creates war machines Alagasia has never seen before? There are countless possibilities concerning the king.

The ability for dwarves and Urgals to become Riders also can provide some interesting twists for the future. How might a human city feel if an Urgal Rider flies to their city to aid them against some thread? And what if dwarves and Urgals don't make good Riders, contrary to Eragon and Saphira's beliefs?

Yet another interesting idea that is sure to cause some trouble in the future is Natsuata's attempt to monitor magicians. There's no way all the magicians in the land will agree to this plan, and you can be sure some will fight to stop it. It may even cause dissent within the magicians within her army, who could cause who knows how much havoc.

Speaking of magicians, how about Angela? There's clearly more to her than we see. Her confrontation with the Priests of Helgrind show that her identity is more than that of a witch and herbalist... and how did she aquire artifacts like Tinkledeath anyway? There's a lot of unanswered questions about her, and I would be surprised if we didn't learn more about her in a future novel if one is written.

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Default Re: Inheritance (Book series)

Ohmanohmanoihmanohman i LOVE these books!

As soon as i heard the new book was out i got it and read it. My opinions:

Eragon has to be revisited. Perhaps he will find the people who Palanker came with. Or mabye he will discover unchatered lands. Either way im curious to find out what he discovers.

Arya becoming the Elf Queen was rather predictable, as she was the queens daughter and no other elf seemed to be able to take the role. The green egg hatching for her was interesting but happened too late in the story to have enough influence. it would have been nice if Eragon and arya were to meet again but you could sort of see this ending coming, with Angelas prediction.

Angela, on the other hand, is like a bag of cut wool. She has so many looses ends that id love to see tied up. Im predicting that either she had an elf in her ancestory or was herself a rider.

Roran and Katrina, i think, will settle in carvahall and build up a farm and family. the child was named after Katrinas mother but i cant recall the exact name.

murtagh will be revisited because he too has many looses ends. Will he find peace? Where will he end up? Perhaps he will visit eragon...

Nasuada (you spelt her name way wrong :P) will lead the varden well. I cant see her marrying and having children but whoever sucseeds her will also be a good ruler.

as for book 4, I agree that the killing of galbatorix was abstract but good. It was a brilliant mix of magic, swordplay and luck. The book from there on did deplete in quality a bit but was still brilliant. On dwarves and urgals being riders, i think thateragon made the right chioce. There was always unblance with only half the races being riders. However, both dwarves and urgals have very in set religios beliefs. will the urgals be able to get over thier eternal blood lust? will the dwarves discard thier belief in stone? Meh, well see.
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Default Re: Inheritance (Book series)

I started reading brisingr but somehow lost interest on the first few pages. Don't know why, i may continue reading it later someday.
One thing I really don't like is the big bad guy i forget his name. He just strikes me as too much of an evil overlord. Cliche i guess.
I found myself wanting to read Roran's story more than eragon's in eldest and got bored each time a chapter was about Eragon. Actually, i liked most of the characters aside from Eragon, Sapphira, the elf lady, and the big bad guy.
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