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Question 100 Questions

100 silly questions about costume party to think about and answer:
  1. How can the kid can jump so high? He's jumping at least four or five feet, and can do it very rapidly.
  2. Why does the penguin not need air? They require oxygen, and don't have gills. Plus, the kid inside still has to breathe.
  3. How do baby penguins destroy igloos and commit suicide? I don't think that penguins (especially babies) can push secure blocks of ice out of position, and certainly could not do it so fast. Also, penguins would not die of the effort.
  4. Why does it take the vampire so long to hide? He stays in the same position after all.
  5. How come monsters can walk through the vampire when he's hiding? People remain solid, even when hidden in shadows.
  6. How does the kid get in and out of costumes so fast?
  7. Why are pieces of candy so large? Candy corns are kid-size and jawbreakers are too big to fit in anyone's mouth.
  8. Why can the kid jump different heights when he is in different costumes? Being in a special costume should not make you able to jump higher. If anything, it should encumber you. Also, the Santa costume can't be that heavy!
  9. Why can the kid fly in a ghost costume? There are no wings, and I bet that if there were, they would not be aerodynamic enough to support the kid. Plus, he should take a running start like an airplane.
  10. Why does the Santa costume come with an unlimited supply of explosives? They're awfully expensive, and you can't fit that much into a costume, even one with a big belly for storage space.
  11. How does the vampire create bats? They can't be stored, because they would harm the kid inside.
  12. Why do the vampire's bats travel in a straight line? They should have minds of their own.
  13. Why do the vampire's bats deteriorate over time? Bat's don't have that short of a lifespan.
  14. Why does the kid have a bag with him? The candies are too big to fit in it.
  15. Why do candies simply disappear when the kid runs into them? Even if he could fit those things into his mouth, the kid could not eat them so fast (especially jawbreakers).
  16. Where does the exit door go? It always looks the same, even though it's always in different places (different levels).
  17. Why does walking in one red doorway put outside another? They are always on the same plane. Plus, the kid transports there instantly.
  18. Why does walking in a door of one color put you outside another door of the same color? Red doors, green doors, and blue doors are all the same except for the color, which should not matter.
  19. If walking into a red door transports you to a red door (and same with green and blue doors), then why do exit doors not transport you to another exit door?
  20. How do evil trees produce and shoot out deadly lasers?
  21. How does headbutting a pine tree from any direction knock all of it's leaves off? I think only some should fall off, if any.
  22. Why can only Frankenstein's monster headbutt. I'm not a monster (I think), but I can headbutt things if I want.
  23. Why are spiders the size of the kid? Spiders should not be that big.
  24. Why are spiders so fat, but have short, spindly legs?
  25. Why don't things get totally impaled on spikes? They are sharp.
  26. Why can snowballs go through spikes without falling apart? Snowballs should fall apart.
  27. Why does water stay suspended in the air? Gravity affects water too.
  28. How does the kid do things in space (with stars at night in background)? There should be gravity based on how massive and far away objects are. The kid breathes normally in space too. Also, he can survive the freezing cold temperatures of space (average intergalactic temperature is about three Kelvins).
  29. Why do things move so slowly in water? Phelps goes at much more than half normal speed when swimming.
  30. Why can the kid jump so much higher underwater?
  31. How do icicles stay suspended in air or water if they start out that way in the beginning of the level?
  32. Why do icicles not shatter?
  33. How do buttons and pressure pads make blocks disappear and reappear?
  34. Why do buttons and pressure pads make blocks of only they're color toggle? All blocks should be affected.
  35. How busy are busy bats? After all, they do go out of their way to attack you.
  36. How do bat walls know when all the busy bats have been destroyed?
  37. How do bat walls destroy themselves when all the busy bats are dead?
  38. Why are there sharp, powerful claws on the werewolf costume? They would be too dangerous to give to children.
  39. How does the witch do her magic?
  40. Why do the exit doors open only when all of the right kind(s) of candy have been collected?
  41. Why does the kid die after a certain amount of time on timed levels?
  42. How does collecting clocks increase the kid's lifespan? They're only devices for telling time.
  43. Why can Frankenstein's monster destroy walls by headbutting them, but not by running into them or jumping on them?
  44. How can Frankenstein's monster tolerate banging his head so much?
  45. How do blocks suspend themselves in the air, even when there's a lot of weight of them (like Santa)?
  46. Why can't candy corns suspend themselves like blocks and other candies?
  47. Why does the witch's magic not work on steel, wooden platforms, or iron grates?
  48. Why don't crates get shattered by spikes?
  49. How come the kid never get's splinters? He touches a lot of wood.
  50. How do crates break weak bricks even when going at low velocities?
  51. How do monsters collect stockings?
  52. Where do monsters store the stockings? After all, they can, in theory, collect and unlimited number of them.
  53. Why are there so many monsters?
  54. How does the wolfman propel himself further in the middle of a jump? There is nothing to push off from; no leverage.
  55. How do scream queens produce and shoot O's?
  56. How do shots go though the trunks of dead pine trees? Trees are pretty solid.
  57. Why do fish always swim in a straight horizontal direction when they can't see you?
  58. Why do screamers have only one eye? There's no depth perception with one eye.
  59. Why can the penguin do flips if he came out of the water, but can't when he just jumps off of a high ledge? It's the same air either way.
  60. How come the kid never gets hurt when he falls really far (up to about 100 feet)?
  61. Why don't explosions from blast bricks or presents hurt the kid? They're still explosions.
  62. Why do explosions not damage normal bricks?
  63. How does the snowman manage to avoid sliding on ice?
  64. Where does the snowman get snow from? He's always either on steel, wood, or ice, none of which have snow. He can't store the snow because he has an infinite supply of it. He can't pluck the snow off of himself because that would destroy the costume.
  65. Why is wind always strong enough to pick up anything?
  66. Why does diving onto a trampoline propel you higher?
  67. Why can the kid dive when in a Frank or werewolf costume, but not when in other costumes? It's always the same kid.
  68. Why does the kid automatically remove his costume when in red-lined areas? (I know it's a no-costume zone. Come up with a logical explanation why it works.)
  69. Why does the kid gradually move to the side and then stop when riding snowballs?
  70. How does a small snowball completely freeze things?
  71. Why does ice around frozen things melt whereas the slippery ice terrain does not.
  72. Why do light and dark areas have distinct edges?
  73. Why don't things have shadows? There is light in the levels.
  74. If a level is completely surrounded by steel, where does the light come from? It should be completely dark.
  75. Why can Santa only drop a certain number of presents at a time?
  76. After Santa detonates presents, where do more come from?
  77. Why do the edges of the screen stop things?
  78. Why can't Santa drop presents while in the air?
  79. Why can't the witch cast spells while in the air?
  80. Why can't there be ocean currents (wind in water). (I know that wind and water are light. Come up with a logical explanation why.)
  81. How come only the vampire can hide? No matter what costume you have, the darkness should always be sufficient.
  82. Why do gas switches affect all fireplaces?
  83. How does Santa fit down chimneys when others can't? It's always the same kid.
  84. How does Santa get up chimneys?
  85. How did moose figure out how to use guns?
  86. Why are monsters always interested in killing you?
  87. Why are moose the same size as the kid? Moose should be bigger.
  88. Why do steel blocks have rounded corners? If they had pointed corners, they would be able to support more weight.
  89. Why do all wooden platforms have the same grain to them? All wood is different.
  90. How come the kid dies more or less easily at different times (in different levels, he has more or less health).
  91. Why does getting run over by snow ball kill you? Snow is soft, and you should just get stuck in it.
  92. How does falling on weak bricks break them? Bricks are not that weak.
  93. How do big, giant hearts heal the kid's wounds and/or make him invincible?
  94. Why do frogs and screamers run off ledges when excited? They can't be that dumb.
  95. How do frogs hurt you?
  96. Why are different colored jawbreakers worth more or less depending on what order you eat them in?
  97. What does the kid want with all that candy? Nobody could stomach that much!
  98. How does the kid fly so fast when in a penguin costume?
  99. Why can the penguin only flap his wings so many times? He can't get tired that fast.
  100. Why do things poof into smoke when destroyed?
  101. Are you amazed at the number of logical errors in Costume Party?
  102. Are you impressed at my amazing ability to come up with 97 questions about them?
  103. If you are contemplating replying to this, why?

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