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Default Notrium (FREEWARE!)

Notrium is a game of survival. In Notrium, you must find food in the form of dead enemies, manufactured rations, and fungus. There are many kinds of climates in many kinds of areas. For example, in the Desert area there are sandstorms. There is a temperature factor-when your temperature is too high or low, you take damage. If you starve(run out of food) you also take damage. But starvation and weather is the least of your worries. There are many kinds of enemies, ranging from weak small blue aliens to partially invisible Reapers, lowly scout marines to deadly shock troopers, powerful drone plants, annoying (and quite deadly, if low HP) shooting tentacles, and strong robots. To fight them, obviously you must get weapons which are manufactured from stuff you find on the ground and from dead enemies' items. Some weapons drain energy and some drain items as ammo. Weapons have many effects, from simply doing damage to converting enemies temporarily to slowing down time(!). Watch out, almost all items have weight and if you are overburdened you will move slower. There are four races, listed below.

HUMAN: Average health, food usage, food capacity, carrying capacity and battery power. Loses lots of health if starving.
ANDROID: High health. Cannot use food or have food. Uses battery as food. Can carry a lot of stuff.
ALIEN: More health than human. Very fast moving. Uses food very quickly. High food capacity, low carry capacity, low battery power. Cannot use any kind of weapon except for claws, acid spit and lethal bite (Last two are acquired through evolution).
Can evolve by accomplishing certain goals (For first phase you just wait)
PSIONIC: This guy is very special, so special it needs its own section (below)

Psionic description: The psionic is rather slow, weak and has mediocre energy. However, it posesses very strong and unique attacks, which all use energy in some way, shape or form, and has regenerative energy. It cannot use any non-Psionic weapon, and cannot carry anything without being overburdened unless using one of its higher level abilities (which is Psionic Strength). A psionic has "tokens" which alone have some special powers. Such tokens can be combined to create abilities. There are three psionic "portals", which take the form of a teardrop-shaped water formation somewhere in the Ship Cemetary, the green altar at Eden, and the space disturbance in Ville Corp. To get in you need to create a focus ability: Blue for Liquid, Green for Lifeforce (you need at least 100 health for this), or Grey for Void (you need 20 or less health for this one). Then you use it near the "portal". You then must complete several "trials" before you can get the new tokens, and you must get them in THIS STRICT ORDER: Liquid first, then Lifeforce, then Void. And that's about all.

EDIT: To create stuff, click on an item, then click on the item you want to combine with, and you will get the item, but you are left helpless for some time when you are combining.

When you start the game, you will have to dodge the missiles on your way to Notrium. There is one easter egg for each race, and I am keeping it secret. HINT: The easter egg is in the start scene.

Notrium is freeware. You can download it here.

Credits for this game go to Ville Monkkonen at http://www.monkkonen.net. This site has its own forum.

Oh, and by the way, it is moddable.

Here is one exceptional mod for it. It is the Werivar mod. All you need to know is in the readme. Here is the download:http://www.monkkonen.net/notrium.php?mod_dir=werivar In this mod, the start scene is different. This mod was made by UberWaffe.
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