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Puny Mortal
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Default How to deal with someone stealing food?

I live in the university dormitory. In the beginning of term I left a cake in the fridge and the next day I discovered it had been stolen. Recently, the thieving has intensified. Only last week someone stole my food three times. Some other students have had it even worse. Pizza, fruits, desserts, yoghurt and eggs have vanished from our fridge. What’s more, a cettle and a frying pan have also been stolen from the kitchen. Some senior students said it was the same thing a year ago, and they had no idea whether it was someone from the school or an outsider. This gets everyone annoyed to the max and the atmosphere between students is tense. Can anyone suggest anything that could be done?

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Inanimate Carbon Rod
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Default Re: How to deal with someone stealing food?

Other than poisoning the food? Nothing you can do really, other than wait for the person who is stealing things to come forward, unless you have hidden cameras lying around that you could use.
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The Demagogue
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Default Re: How to deal with someone stealing food?

try putting "do not eat" signs on things. If they ignore these, or worse start only tacking these, try putting deterrents into something you don't mind losing, but still would like, and put one of the labels on it. or, for a better effect, put blue dye in all the food you eat. Your mouth will be blue, but so will the culprits who take your food. :P

BTW, that last one was pulled off by my dad at uni, and it worked for him, so...
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College Boi
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Default Re: How to deal with someone stealing food?

Rig an alarm under the food if somebody picks it up and it isn't returned in a few seconds. Better yet, install inconspicuous cheap video cameras around the area, to keep an eye on things. Substitute the alarm for small explosives (not to hurt but to blow dye or something everywhere). Maybe put, not poison, but like an, erm, laxative or something to make regurgitation happen; do this regularly and maybe they'll eventually learn. Just some ideas...
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Wink Re: How to deal with someone stealing food?

Security cameras are very cheap, and do the job. Put them out of sight
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Peanut Gallery
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Lightbulb Re: How to deal with someone stealing food?

Couldn't you just padlock your refrigerator?
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