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Crazy Dude
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Default Thank You, Jamul

This is my Big Jamul, Thank You Thread.
I just want to Thank you him for all those great
games he made.

Thank you for the nice contact per E-Mail (for
example: when I send a LL2 Adventure to him
for the Add Onspage, he always answers friendly.
Or when you have problems with a game. He
answers nice).
I don't want to suck up to Jamul. I just want to

Thank You, Jamul.
Frudelsoft Games
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Default Re: Thank You, Jamul

Jamul is FTW. Jamul is teh awesome. All hail Jamul.

Become one of us.
Join the revolution.
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King of the pond!
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Default Re: Thank You, Jamul

Yeah, ever since I have been here, he is most of the reason I have
stayed, and kept coming back (3 times now? Heh). He runs a great
site for us oddballs, and it keeps getting better. The games are
beyond what you'd first expect. I mean, you look at the previews,
and sey, "Meh..I'll try the demo."...and there you are..upset since
now it is 3 hours later, and you are kicking yourself for not buying
the game outright.

Jamul worked very hard to make Hamumu what it is today:
Great games, great fun friends we make while here, super customer
support (he always emails back and help you out), add-on,
replayability of said games, fun contests, happy customers, and best
of all has...a CEO who never forgets to just, 'have fun' (Lego trains,

I can praise him on and on and honestly I really don't have any reason
what-so-ever to ever doubt him (except when he says he is going to
start working on the Sol Hunt game..lol), but there are others who I am
sure who will post more, and I dont want to leave them without something
different to say.

- Ducky (I even renewed my interest in learning programming because of
his example!)

Mallard Memory 3 and Duck Wars --- Stopped
Learning new C++ programming library now.
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Legs sold separately.
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Default Re: Thank You, Jamul

Jamul is made of concentrated awesome. He isn't afraid to laugh at himself sometimes, and that sense of humour is a big part of why his games are so fun.

Plus, he is able to handle a forum with lots of young children, and people who ask the same questions, and make the same mistakes. I'd probably explode at times he hasn't.

Oh, and he's the main reason I'm aiming to become an Indie.
Caution: may contain traces of nuts
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College Boi
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Talking Re: Thank You, Jamul

It's great how Jamul puts up with ignorance on our side of the barn. And yes, he's not afraid to say he's lazy. Sillyman: "What about the COUNTER?"

(I just read the sig, what a throwback)

Last edited by TyTBone; 01-15-2008 at 10:45 AM. Reason: sorry; it was Sillyman who said it, not Coolguy...I've got to check my facts
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Yerfdog Re: Thank You, Jamul

Originally Posted by TyTBone View Post
It's great how Jamul puts up with ignorance on our side of the barn. And yes, he's not afraid to say he's lazy. Coolguy: "What about the COUNTER?"

I don't remember saying that.

And anything I have to say has already been said by Atkins and Ducky. Thanks, Jamul!
T&T- New Region!

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