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Happy Stick Man
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Location: Stuck trying to get the bat statue on the 2nd floor of Vampy Castle
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Default Uh Oh Jamul

I was playing loonyland on remix, (just got it yesterday) and I accidentally entered Vampy Land! I was walking near the cabin in the top left of Luniton Village and I sort of went diagonally to the right into Vampy Land, and I hadn't even opened it yet! I'm pretty sure that this is a glitch and if so could you maybe fix it? P.S. I have Version 2.00
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Marshmallow Head
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It's not a glitch.
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that happened to me to with out the walk through walls
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I think it's an easter egg in Remix mode or something. But you can't easily get through Castle Vampy early anyway, the monsters are too strong.
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And in Remix mode the Vampire Busts and Bat Statues are around the world, i found one in a place where normally is the boomerang but there was added a door that needs the Bat Key.
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