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Default A Compilation Of Weird Dreams That I Had A LONG Time Ago

All of them Hamumu-appropriate!


I was at my cottage, and my dad made two different kinds of fires, and my grandad said that they might make the volcano on our island erupt (there really is no volcano), so I spent the rest of the day woried about the volcano erupting. Then, in my dream, I dreamt that we would leave, and then when we came back the next weekend, all of the island would be gone, except for a piece of it 3 metres wide. Well, that didn't happen. But, the next morning, a man and a woman came to the island. The woman had brown-blonde hair, and there was something strange about her, while the man was bald, and seemed like he didn't want to do something. So, I ignored their weirdness, and my family said hi to them, and I could feel that the woman hated me. At night, I went back to see them again, and the woman tried to trap me, and then beat me to death, but I ran away and she didn't bother to chase me. When I got back, all of my possesions had been ripped out of their drawers, and some stuff had been taken (including my bed), and then I somehow woke up the next morning on the floor. That morning was the rover contest. You had to build a rover, and then race it through the woods. There were 4 teams. My team was me, my sister, and a Happy Stick Man. Our rover, nor another team's rover, didn't start when the race started, and our rover was fine before, so I knew it was the woman (who seemed to be kind of like the Other Mother from Coraline). Meanwhile, another teams rover crashed against a tree, while the other team, who went with it, kept going. The Other Mother-like woman sent hordes of beasts from different stories to stop them, but they got through. At the finish line, there was a lioness. The rover ran under it, tripping, and then the team beat it to death, and then the Other Mother-like woman died at the instance that the lion did.

Well, that's my crazy dream! (but not my CRAZIEST actually...but that one's really long...)

I had this really crazy dream last night...

My family and I were on vacation in Germany, and we were about to get a hotel room when we saw a poison pizza seller. He said the pizzas were to kill the bugs in your room. No one was prompted to buy it, until I saw a sign that read this:
Quality Poison Black Thingy Pizza: Great for killing off those "14.0 cockroaches!
At the instance we saw this, we bought the pizza. When we got a hotel room, we went in, and there was a daddy long legs on the floor. I threw a pizza at it, and it grabbed it and ran away. We then saw another bug, and threw another piece of pizza. More bugs came, so we kept throwing, but then soon a mouse came, a chinchilla came, and a wallaby came, and a deer came! And, after about 30 seconds, everyone went behind the wall, where they died.

Yay! Time to tell my Uber-Crazy Dream!

OK, so there was this camp on the island that my cottage is on, so I went to it. My mom then picked me up. While we were going back to the cottage, we saw ghosts in the trees. I had a net, so I caught one. When we got out of the forest, there was a zombie that looked like the food critic from Ratatouille, and he summoned up 2 monsters to kill us, because I caught THE GHOST OF DEATH! A lady orc, who was REALLY fat, got squished into our living room, and my mom had to fight it. She was given a sword, but that was it. The second monster was a Giant Demon Duck of Doom that was as tall as King Kong! Picture of Duck:
So, anyway, the Duck chased me to a cliff, but I ran under it, and then I went back to the cottage, where I saw the orc talking to the food critic zombie, with my seemingly-dead mom sitting behind it. I was just about to cry, when my mom opened her eyes, grabbed a wooden box, and stabbed the orc in the head with it. I then ran into the cottage, which the duck jumped on. For some reason, the cottage didn't break, but we couldn't go outside. We had a party then, and the duck got bored, and wandered off into the forest. I then went swimming, and there was a villain there, and he captured some children, and he was in this boat thing, and he was sitting at the top of it. I tried to get away from him, so I swam to the back of the boat, but I found an opening, which led to a place I could sit on without Fly Guy (the villain) noticing. He went to a restaurant, where he made lots of evil, but I showed him a person I made out of greasy french fries, and he fainted. I then took his boat-thing back to the cottage, where the FCZ (Food Critic Zombie) gave us a travel guide for defeating all his monsters (pretty bad prize...). He then wandered off into the forest, and that was the end of my dream.

I had this dream last night where two of my friends became "God's Little Helpers". I also in that dream was a guy who looked like Wallace (from Wallace and Gromit) who's name was Mr.Pop.

I had this dream last night where I was a cat, and I had this owner who wanted us to act like humans, and I washed my hands while I was a cat. Which is boring.

I also had this dream where I was Bart Simpson and I was staying in a house in the Middle Ages. But, eventually, the house started to look like a teen's flat in the present. And then these dolls of people in the Simpsons came to life.


I had this dream last night where I wanted to make a cartoon about El Mikkino the secret agent. I then was really excited. I then suddenly popped in front of my TV, put on the guide, and I saw my cartoon was coming up next, even though I had done nothing on it! But, when I saw it, It was just a comic being shown on a TV screen, with El Mikkino in a race. I thought the cartoon was really bad, so I decided to have it live-action instead (insert another random dream about 2 brothers and some spooky things here). Anyway, I decided that in the live action thing, El was going to go into a haunted mansion, and then it flooded, and El was washed out. So, I did nothing again, and I was suddenly ready to perform in front of all my schools that I've ever gone to in this huge stadium. So, I performed it, but everyone hated it, so this one person threw a baseball at my head, it hit me, and I tried to throw it back, but I missed, and hit this jar on top of a randomly placed fireplace, and all these bugs came out of it and scattered. Then the gym teacher from the 2nd school I went to started putting pine needles into my face, so I punched him. I got detention, he got nothing. I then wrote an essay, and did another El Mikkino comic. I then was suddenly at home, and all the bugs I released were crawling all over the place. I asked my mom why grasshoppers don't fly, and then I was suddenly this yellow duck that looked like Daffy, I did some stuff, and then I crashed into a guy on a motorcycle named Pivot.

Weirdest. Dream. Ever.

I had a dream where I was taking a tour of a room made of toilet paper.

I had this dream where I put on this suit, and then I got transported to the real world. The room where I put on the suit was all black, except for the lines making up the objects. Is this where you go when you die?

I had a dream where the daughter of Queen Elizabeth was Princess Peach, and they ran a hotel chain...

Last night, I had a dream, where I saw two places I though I already had seen before in another dream.

I had this dream last night where the top floor of my school was on fire. Me and my mom and a lot of other people started running up the stairs towards the fire for no reason, supposedly "so they could get to a helicopter". I then suggested to my mom that we could just run down, and we did. No one else followed us. We went out of the door of the school. We started running, and then I saw one of my friends hugging an army truck for no reason. I started running again, and then the building exploded (the explosion looked like a smart bomb from SSBB). The whole dream faded to black, and then a guy who does video tours of games said something along the lines of "[My friend's name] got glued to the truck. But that wasn't any problem, because I took a knife and killed him." Then the dream ended.

I added in my dreams so you don't have to download them.
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Default Re: A Compilation Of Weird Dreams That I Had A LONG Time Ago

My grade 6 class was with the primary teacher, and she asked us to do a play. We were in a big white tiled room. A garage appeared out of nowhere, and the teacher opened it up, looking for props. Suddenly, 2 snakelike monsters and a minotaur popped out of the garage! A random girl then walked in, and the 2 serpent monsters started chasing after her! It seemed like they were looking for dates. Then, the girl minotaur started chasing after me! I ran out of the room, and into another room the size of a classroom, which was my french room. Suddenly, a baseball game started in there, and I was the only member of the Toronto Blue Jays, who got demoted to kids' baseball because they were so bad. I lost the game something like 18-0. Then, a person from the grade 4 class said to me from outside the door that someone wanted to see me. I walked out, and the minotaur grabbed me! She took me back to her lair. It looked like an old bank, and there were these 2 old guys with pipes in some chairs. The 2 serpent monsters than appeared, emptyhanded. Everyone except the old dudes then said that they would kill me because I had some retro video games. I said I didn't have them, so they chopped off my middle finger, and then let me go. I ran away to this street filled with houses, where my pants suddenly dissapeared. I then put on a skirt shaped like a chicken. I walked out of the street, and my pants reappeared. I then came to this passage, where I had to have a "Vegetable Card" to get passed. There was a HUGE lineup, but half of the "people" there were vegetable baskets. I jumped into the one closest to the front, and I soon came to the guard, who was a horsefly. I gave her the vegetable card, but she wouldn't let me pass because she doubted my name was "Mr.Vegetable". I said that I really was a vegetable wearing a human suit, but then some cops, who were also horseflies, showed up and started inspecting me. I ran away, passed the passage, but they didn't follow, for some reason. I then met up with Caitlin and Jonesy from 6teen, Gill from Johnny Test, and this girl named Betty. We all then went to sleep. Caitlin's phone rang, and she answered it, then her and Betty started talking to someone named Clarissa. They then stopped talking, and everyone went back to sleep. The End.

That's the last dream that I could not fit into the first post.

When in Rome, drink Romenade.
Toronto Island is the entertainment.- Translation Party
This wonít appear 3D to you unless you cut very precise grooves in your computer monitor. We donít recommend doing that. - GamesRadar
Humility is the mark of a true warrior/cool person
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Default Re: A Compilation Of Weird Dreams That I Had A LONG Time Ago

I had a a dream that there were zombies al around me and I was on a raised pedistle.There was a normal guy in a tux,who I knew,for some reason,was the mayor of the zombies,then he said "let the hanging begin".Then I woke up.

I is evil! hahahahaha!!!
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Default Re: A Compilation Of Weird Dreams That I Had A LONG Time Ago

All my dreams are weird and change completely halfway through.

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