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Default 3ds max 6 characters

i have 28 days to work out how to use d3s. If I fail, there is no way im going to buy it.

I want to ask, what do I do after making a set of bones and animating them?

If you know please tell me
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Well first of all, making the bones wouldn't be the first step. Making a static mesh, and learning to skin it would be in order first. Once that's wrapped up, if it's your first, and depending on if it's low poly, you probably didn't construct it to accomodate mesh deformation properly, so you'll probably have to reedit, and retexture, cause your uvw coords will be thrown off once you reedit the vertices.

Then you create bones to match the mesh. Link the bones to the vertices, adjust vertex weights through out the mesh, possibly create some minor animation ui. Then you're somewhere in the vicinity of done. But that was a little vague. And you just made it sound like you made the bones, and animated them before you had a mesh. That's a little backwards, if that's what you did.

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