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Epic WIN
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Cool Lost

Whoa, I just read in the journal that Jamul watches Lost like I do!

It's pretty good.

With lots of plot twists.

And stuff.

Unfortunately I couldn't watch last week's episode...
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College Boi
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Default Re: Lost

Isn't this or the next season the last one?

EDIT: Also, if you have access to Hulu.com, the show is (legally) on there, so you can catch up that way.
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)

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The Demagogue
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Default Re: Lost

I hate dislike with great intensity the show, to be honest. The time travel and nuclear bomb ruined any hope of me liking it, especially when I already disliked the show.
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Legs sold separately.
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Default Re: Lost

I think I watched the first two series, then the cable TV companies had a fight and we stopped getting the channel it was on. I gather it has gone even more loopy as time has gone on.

However, I do admittedly get my Lost info from Nedroid's twitter comics, so it may well be very sensible.
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Peanut Gallery
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Default Re: Lost

Never seen it, So I can't say
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Default Re: Lost

Just go to abc to watch the show if you missed it.
Along with any other tv show on any other station. They put them all online so you don't need a tv anymore!
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Master of all Darkfire
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Default Re: Lost

ah but wouhdunt you need good internet?

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Writer of Sticks
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Default Re: Lost

If you like the show, check out my SWC world "LOST Island." It is an homage to the first 4 seasons. I stuffed that world with over 75 references to LOST. See how many you can find.

Check out my page on Hamumu Wikia!
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