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Default Re: New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

Uh, hey there. I'm not new to Hamumu, but I'm bored, and since I never made an introduction thread, and all the cool kids are doing this... well, yeah.

I'm SpiderPumpkin, also sometimes known as FelixAlexander, igiulamam, oiramapap or VelliDragon, but people just call me SP on Hamumu, which also stands for Sleep Paralysis, Simon Phillips, South Park, Sailor Pluto or Sheldon Plankton, which may or may not be a conspiracy. I'm a creature of unspecified race and gender, and my real identity is shrouded in mystery, but not many people seem to care. I currently call the northern regions of Germany my home. Yeah, that's where all those barbarians lived/live.

Some of you may know me from my actions as a SysOp at the Hamumu Wiki. Okay, so barely anybody cares about the Wiki, which is a shame really. But if you're reading this, contribute to it! (And help me improve all those articles with horrible formatting.)

Anyway, aside from editing the Wiki (which I don't actually like to do, but feel compelled to do) I like making games, drawing mediocre pictures, writing books and poems, composing music, playing the electronic keyboard, learning languages, watching random fantasy films and documentaries about history, and since somewhat recently, I also like Pokémon games and everything that spawned from them, except Mudkip (u herd me). Oh, and I also like bragging about how long I've been at Hamumu (more than 5 years!). I've been at Hamumu for more than 5 years, btw.

Hm... I'm also some sort of Furry, though I haven't done anything Furry-like in a long time, but most of you probably won't even know what a Furry is, or care.

Uh, yeah. I'm out of stuff to mention, so... yeah.
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