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Puny Mortal
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Default How to get yerfbucks?

Hi I don't come here very often but how do you get alot of yerfbucks? I'm trying to get costume party and am working hard to get as many as I can. Thanks.
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Back From the Dead
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Default Re: How to get yerfbucks?

Buying games gets you a whole lot, but you can also get a few from selling monster cards or playing games like TAG. Some people will also give you a few if you ask nicely.
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Peanut Gallery
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Default Re: How to get yerfbucks?

Or, you could be daring and take a gamble on Dumboscope, But I don't advise that
There is no such thing as a stupid idea.
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Default Re: How to get yerfbucks?

Winning trophies gets you some yerfbucks too. There's a list online - google Hamumu trophies for the list. Some of them can be obtained with a bit (or a lot) of work but without spending yerfbucks or hard-earned cash.
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