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Default RPG Cliches

I was thinking about what kind of NPC characters you meet in RPG games (non-player characters, in role-playing games... you know, the people you bump into who say stuff to you, not the monsters you kill). What are some of the most cliched and overused ones you can think of? I was thinking of guys like the Weapon Vendor, the Innkeeper, the King, and of course the Helpless Princess.

Incidentally, for added humor value: The Grand List of Console Role Playing Game Cliches
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the person who says "The only way to Town X is through Area Y, too bad it's blocked right now. I bet it wouldnt be blocked if you did that dungeon!"
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The many townsfolk that tell you useless facts about the area.

People that say "I would go to (place) but I'm too afraid!"

People that say things that have even less value than area facts, like "I'm enjoying a walk".
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You also can't forget the ones who say, "Oh no, *insert very evil monster's name here* has attacked our fair land! What should we do?"
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Personally, there is one in every RPG I've played so far...(eg. Looneyland, ) who tells you a long-winded tale or tells you how to use a certain button or combo to do a certain thing...that takes 3 or 4 button pushes to get through the conversation...and heaven help you if you accidently "Bump" into them again right after you taked to them...you have to hear the whole thing again!

-Ducky (RPGs rock!)

PS: Blackmyth, it was Nikko from Secret of Mana for the SNES.

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Originally Posted by Ducky
PS: Blackmyth, it was Nikko from Secret of Mana for the SNES.
Yes, you bumped into him in every town, and the only use he had was to squander your money on good defence items. Hehehe, his name is quite similar to mine, but nobody start guessing!
No bueno.
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