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Default My ideas for Sol Hunt

Spiderbread Man


An very complicated boss. It acts like Matilda & Loonybot 5000 mixed together. Moves fast as the Loonybot 5000, has body parts too.

Body parts:

Spiderbread Body


This will make the Spiderbread Man jump! When the body touches the ground, it does GIANT damage.

Spiderbread Claws

HP: 720

These are on the head of the Spiderbread Man. When attacking, it summons Ninjabread Men.

Spiderbread Tail

HP: 1000

Hard to beat. When it hits you, it takes 1 HP to the Spiderbread Man.
__________________________________________________ ___________
When claws & tail are defeated, the Spiderbread Man dies, and the body turns into Ninjabread Men.
__________________________________________________ ___________


HP: 600

A giant Wacko that Shoots lots of poison at you.
__________________________________________________ ___________

Doom Zoid

Acts like a doom bunny and a zoid. HP: 15
__________________________________________________ ___________
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