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Default Chips teh challenge.

Anyone here play Chips Challenge? Its a very good puzzle game(Albiet an old one). I recomend downloading it. It also has a level editor(Though you have to download that seperatly, and then spend a few hours searching google trying to find out how to make the 'Playtest' button work).

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Default Re: Chips teh challenge.

I used to play that game all the time. I haven't touched it in a few years but it was a great puzzle game!
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Default Re: Chips teh challenge.

It was quite good.
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Default Re: Chips teh challenge.

Caution: may contain traces of nuts
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Default Re: Chips teh challenge.

I used to absolutely LOVE chips challenge when I was slightly younger. It requires a lot of brain power to play, unlike other puzzle games.

Also, if you like chips Challenge, be sure to find and play the game Gismos and Gadgets.
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Default Re: Chips teh challenge.

Then you never played Hero's Hearts!
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