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Default If you are thinking of buying a new computer, dont get an intel graphics card.

Yesterday, I emailed this to the people at intel: (The survey thing at the bottom is because they will send you surveys if you dont write you dont want to take em.)

Games give me a BSoD, Apps close on me right when I start em up.
Additional_info: This has been happening to me for a few months now. Every game
I have, save World of Warcraft, for some reason, gives me a BSoD. Almost all
Apps I have close on me right when I open em. And every time im on the internet,
and a popup comes up, when I close the popup, it closes the main window. I know
the game thing is the graphics controller. Im not so sure about the other two,
but they did start happening around the same time.
Heres the BSoD Error.
STOP: 0x0000008E (0XC0000005, 0XBFA5BE77, 0XF76DD990, 0X00000000)

The Ialmdd5 file, As I have found out, is a file in my graphics controller.(Its
version, if you need to know.)

Thanks for any help. (Please dont send me any surveys.)
They sent me this automated response in only about 2 minutes:

Thank you for contacting Intel Customer Support. An automated search of our document library has identified the following solutions which might answer your email. You can view these solutions now by clicking on a document title below or by requesting to have the information sent to you by email. After reviewing these solutions, if your question was not answered, please use the escalate option at the bottom of the page.
They gave me a bunch of links to their extensive troubleshooting page, none of which helped.

I pressed the escalate button, thinking I would be emailed by a real person. I was wrong. Today, I got this email.(Keep in mind, that I said that WoW DOES work on my computer, most apps dont work on my computer, and I would NOT like to take any surveys.)

Hello Sean,

Thank you for contacting Intel(R) Technical Support.

For your reference, your Email Case Number is:7030343

As far as we understand, you are having difficulties trying to play World of

1. This game is not on the compatibility list for this graphics controller,
which means Intel has not specifically tested the game on this controller, and
is not aware of any issues. For the list of tested games, please visit this web


I suggest checking the system requirements for the game to verify that your
system meets all the requirements. For the features supported by this
controller, please visit the following link:


2. Please try the following steps to resolve this issue:

- Please test setting the Windows* desktop to High Color (16 bit) color depth in
Display Properties.

- Update the video drivers to version PV14.19.50. This driver version for your
graphics controller can be found at this webpage:


Note: If you already have this driver version installed, try downloading it
again and reinstalling it.

Make sure to read the "Read Me" document that comes with the drivers prior to

- Check the game manufacturer's website for any game updates or patches.

- Make sure no background tasks are running, such as virus scanners, task
schedulers, or any other programs that run in the task bar.

- You may also try to run the game in safe mode, if the game has the option,
since it will disable any unsupported hardware features.

For additional game troubleshooting information, please visit the following


Would you mind answering a couple of questions to help us improve our web site?
1.Did you try to look in our website for solutions to your problem?
2.If yes, could you please help us understand why the posted solutions did not
enable you to resolve your problem?
3.Do you have any suggestions for how we could enable you to better find answers
on our web site?

Please contact the game developer for additional information and troubleshooting


Allan J.
Intel(R) Technical Support

Intel(R) System Software Web Site

Intel(R) Graphics Support Web Site

Intel(R) Desktop Boards Support Web Site

Intel(R) Viiv(TM) Support Web Site:
So, as you can see, I got YET ANOTHER automated response, with just a bit more pizazz than the last. First, its saying that they 'understand' that I have a problem with World of Warcraft(Which is the only game that will work on my computer). Second, they dont even mention the apps, and third, they give me survey at the end. I really, really, really hate Intel. So much that, from now on, I refuse to recognize them being a proper noun. Thats right, im going to stop capitalizing intel. They bought it on themselves.

I have tried everything in that email, to no avail. I thought I had it when it told me to download a new driver, but when the install thing came up, it gave me an error message stating that it cannot install the program. I have tried to call intel, but they said that the phone center no longer supports my card, and I have searched google relentlessly, with nothing to show for it. Im getting a new computer, and its going to have a GEforce card. I have heard good things about them.
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Default Re: If you are thinking of buying a new computer, dont get an intel graphics card.

I have a GeForce card. Or NVidia.
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Default Re: If you are thinking of buying a new computer, dont get an intel graphics card.

Sadly, you won't find any better support at any other big tech company. I'm not entirely sure that human beings are involved in these companies at all. I think they may have just become self-aware and are entirely automated.
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Default Re: If you are thinking of buying a new computer, dont get an intel graphics card.

AMD pwns intel. (Yeah, I'm joining in your decapitalization protest.) AFAIK, I've never had any intel stuff. SiS is quite good. Dell is very much bad.
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