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Default Windows Vista

Just to let you know, Dr. Lunatic supremem does work under vista 64 bit. I did notice that the first time the game became inactive (screen saver... etc...) it corrupted the display driver. Restarting the game did not correct the problem. Neither did restarting the computer. however, messing with compatibility mode did work. I told it to run XP SP2 compatibility. I disabled visual themes and disabled DPI scaling. After that it worked fine.

Ive been running Vista 64bit RC1
I expect the game runs better on 32 bit, but RC2 seems to be a step back (read reviews) so i do not know if it works with that.

Note: the issues I encountered are 100% related to the display drivers and are not game related.

PS.... my gpu is nvidia based
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Default Re: Windows Vista

Thanks for trying it out! I'm planning to get a new computer at long long last when Vista is finally out for real. I'm a little scared to be going for the initial public release of a Microsoft OS, but I need to do it! And I'll still have this nice safe box to fall back on.
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