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Yerfdog Duhcember Fan Art Contest Results!

We have winners! in fact, quite literally, everybody is a winner!

I was very sad that we got so few entries. The Supreme art contest got dozens, so I was really looking forward to seeing it all! But much worse than the shortage of entries was the extreme shortage of votes. We actually got exactly as many votes as entries! As a result, prepare for a whole lot of ties:

(you can check these pictures out at http://hamumu.com/fanart.php )

1st Place
A tie between Mr. Onion's Madman (B), and Coolguy's Flying Ice Rink (F)! They each receive 150 Prize Points.

3rd Place
A huge tie, between Madbob006's caroling scene (A), Ducklegion's comic (D), Wesley's Spismas (G), and Regeneratorizer's Giftbot comic (H). They each receive 30 Prize Points.

The Dumb Award
This is given out to the entry that didn't win a prize above, but amused me the most. Well, there were two entries left after all those ties, and for two reasons, they both receive The Dumb Award, of 50 Prize Points! Reason #1: they both amuse me, but in different ways which may become clear in the next couple of months (hint). And reason #2: with only two entries to pick between, I would've felt very bad choosing one over the other! So The Dumb Award goes to BryanSNK's Happy Stick movie (E) and Mr. Tee's NPC Quest 2 screenshot (I).

I also want to reiterate that there were SO few votes that the different between 1st and 4th was exactly 2 votes.

Congratulations to the winners (which is technically everybody!), and thanks for sending in your art! I got two more pictures much too late for the contest, which I will add to the Fan Art page. I'm going to fix it all up (and add artist names!) and make it a permanent page for holding any fan art you feel like sending in! A couple people have sent some cool stuff in the past, and I don't know where it all is, so feel free to resend, so I can add it in!

P.S. Entry C was a fake. It was a clue for the Duhcember Master Code contest. But thanks to the person who voted for it anyway!
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Default Re: Duhcember Fan Art Contest Results!

Someone voted for me!!! Yay!
I am a jedi warrior.

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Default Re: Duhcember Fan Art Contest Results!

Wow, I didn't expect to win anything.
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