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Lynch: Drgamer
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Default Wow... that was an odd dream...

I dreamt.... that I died... so odd

and I was given the choice between three doors... well first I had to go through this hallway thing... lots of doors that were shut... i saw this one guy for some reason and I knew that he shouldn't get passed... or that he wouldn't... at that point there were 'mind door's that we had to use our mind's to open (?) (Gee how creative was that dream...) I passed through easily, can't really tell you how I just put my head forward and pushed 'em...

Then there's the three doors... I pass the first one and go through more doors... then I'm told about the three doors by this one guy.... I think he was an actor from... What was the movie where the guy died, and his heaven was paint at first? It was the guy that helped him.

Then I notice the first door was slighty open (far enough to see in... but it was dark)... I quickly turned away... for some reason I didn't want to go through there...

I had to choose a door to be taken through... some other guy went through the third door.... I'm pretty sure he was of a different ethnic because of afterwards. Something prompts my guide to say that the third door "wouldn't be me", it would be racist (I have NO idea why he said that...apparently more than one person can go to the same place...)
and then he said "You wouldn't be the best" (scientist, as I know about that door at this point in the dream... apparently this was a space station type thing... and I was going to be given some important position instead of someone else. Wacky dream.

That left the second door, and I went through. There was a waiting room. A waiting room of all things, and there's a few people there, and as I navigate around the chairs to close to the other end (It's a pretty small room), for some reason I saw my parents (they are still alive, both in my dream and in real life ) and then there were the goodbyes. Mom forgets stuff when she leaves, I pick it up out of the chair she put it in. There's a bag and I put these jars in it... and then some newspaper comic sections that were "for me" :/.

After that we walk through the door and go our separate ways, literally, I go right (I think). And then I find myself somewhere else...There's a computer, with internet access no less (internet access that brought me to Hamumu.com [all I used it for, really]) how odd for a afterlife computer to bring communication to the living world... Anyways I saw there was this movie file or something, about the Ninth Doctor (Go Doctor Who!). All I know about it is there's a piranha tank, that was pretty green... maybe an abandoned museum/aquarium/zoo?

Then I go to Hamumu.com () and then I post a thread stating I died... and something about 150,000 objects (I think runes). After awhile I hear the doctors voice (Doctor Who again) dunno which one, I think he was talking next to me, I don't look away from the computer screen for some reason. Then some plot about 'the master' (villain in the series) taking runes to increase his power... Frantic worrying about the post I made. Then I remember I didn't post the runes... And then that was the end of that.

Finally there was this new Tivo thing... so I changed a few channels, and I was an add for DirectTv satellite connection to go with said device... in order to access channels (it showed a number 7 for some reason...)

That's the end of that... My dad opened a door in real life and it woke me up (he just pulled it open)
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Crazy Dude
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Default Re: Wow... that was an odd dream...

Really interesting! I haven't ever had a dream
about Hamumu. But I have had many nightmares:
The badest dream was the nightmare with the snails.

I was in the bed and looked to the door. A little
slimy snail (it was disgusting) goes slowly to me.
I stand up and looked into the hall. The complete
stairs were full of slimy snails. Now it was really disgusting.
I put on sandals and ran down into the living room.
At the wall were more than 25 spiders. I go to my
parents in the kitchen. I said:" We must call the police.
These snails in our house are so disgusting." My father
answered:" Why should we call the police? What's the
matter?" They looked at me . I went into
our garden with more spiders and more snails. And there was no
field in front of our house (in my real life there is one), but there
was a wall of millions of snails and I woke up.

I still hate this dream, because I hate snails more than all
other animals.
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Ninja of Frozen Milk
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Question Re: Wow... that was an odd dream...

My Sister once had a dream... she had to cut the lawn with a cheese grater
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Default Re: Wow... that was an odd dream...

She only ever dreamed once?
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Walks on Lava, Drowns in Water
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Yerfdog Re: Wow... that was an odd dream...

Yes! It's time for another one of my dreams! I had this one a couple of days ago, but it's a new one! It's also Hamumu related, that's why it's in the topic. I actually wrote it all yesterday, but it all got deleted accidentally. This dream is set in a futuristic online game. (Maybe a Hamumu one?) You enter the game yourself, and you're the player in it.

Here is where it begins...

I start the game in a computer lab with my friends. We're trying to look something up on the computer to get to the next area. After a bit of searching, we find whatever we were looking for, and a passageway opens in one of the walls. I'm busy with something, and by the time I notice, my friends are gone.

I enter the passageway, and it leads to a water-filled maze. There are zombies in the maze, but I can only hear them, and they sound a lot less scary, and a lot more dumb. In order to get to the next area, I have to collect posts. I step into the water. The water has a current, so once you step in the water, you have to make quick decisions of which way to turn, and whether or not to swim to a different current. Luckily, I run into no zombies at all. Unluckily, I don't collect any posts at all. When I get to the end, the initial exit closes, and a new one appears.

I don't remember a lot of what happens next, but I do know there were several trails. Like the maze, I had to collect posts to advance. Apparently, I don't collect enough in all but one, because I never advance, I only get sent to a new trail. The last trail I do is a rotating platform. There are posts in the air, and a bottomless pit below the platform. I don't want to go for the posts, because I'm afraid I'll fall off the platform. But I reach for a few without jumping, and I collect enough to advance.

I go through the new passageway, (There's a lot of these) and I end up in a moving car! I see a couple of my friends, and a few people I don't know. I ask my friends what's going on, and they say we're being taken to a tower. I assume this is the place where the boss is. (Or at least near it)
When we get there, I get out, and I start climbing. There is a concrete path leading around the base of the tower to the entrance.

As I climb up, I have to avoid electrical wiring, and pesky pecking birds. I try to scare them with my AK-8084. (I must have picked one up earlier in the game) (I didn't know it was an AK-8084 from SWC at the time, but now that I think about it, it looked almost exactly the same as it.)

I finally get to a small patch of grass, which is in front of the tower entrance. Surrounding the tower on all sides, (Besides the side I was standing on now) was a huge wall, covered in electricity wires. I enter the tower to find my friends looking up. We're standing on a platform, and there are several more leading up to a pathway where a mysterious figure awaits. (Dr.Lunatic?)

Under each platform is a path that slides out from under it to the next highest one. (Besides the figure's platform, because it's on the highest platform) My friends tell me there is a trigger that needs be activated somewhere in order for the path to go higher. I look outside to see if I missed something, and I accidentally step on a wire. I get electrocuted, and I lose a life.

I get sent back to the computer lab. It must have been a checkpoint. I sit at the table, sad that I only have one life left, and I haven't even gotten to the boss. Suddenly, outside of a window, and mailman transforms into a Mailboxer, and smashes the window open. Mail flies everywhere. After all the other players pick up what's theirs, I find some mail addressed to me.

I open the first letter, and it's from Jamul himself! It sort-of looked like a player's guide. Inside are tips and tricks to collecting posts. It also has written what to do, and what not to do when collecting them. I open the second letter. It's ether from Drgamer, or Ducklegion, I don't remember. The letter itself it blurred, so I couldn't read it. But using Jamul's guide, I re-enter the water maze.

I easily collect several posts, and I move on to the intended exit. There are a couple more trails, but I don't remember them. After the trails, I get back in the car, and climb the tower again. I meet up with my friends again, and I accidentally step on a trigger. The path leading up is revealed.

I re-enter the tower. My friends are walking from platform to platform. I start walking up, but when I try to walk up the third platform, I am pushed by an unseen force, and I fall to the lava pit below.


That's where it ends. I didn't actually get "DREAM OVER", but it ended there. It was an interesting dream though.
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