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C.H.E.E.S.E. Burgher
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Default Re: How did you become a Hamumuien

Originally Posted by Roland View Post
YAY! Armando's back! And can someone give me a link to Egames? I have never actually seen the website at all.
This'll get you there.

They were my route to Hamumu, too. My software supplier sent me a four-games sampler CD as a free gift back in '03, which had Spooky Castle on it - or rather, a half-broken version of Spooky Castle. It was still the best thing I'd ever played. So when I got internet access last year, I went looking for Dr Lunatic! Then I found Loony, and just kept coming back.

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Default Re: How did you become a Hamumuien

I have found the "spooky castle" game on the "101 Egames sampler CD at the year 1998. I have found www.hamumu.com, later I bought Dr. Lunatic +Expando and +Fun Pack. Then I have played other things then Dr.L, but after a while I bought Dr. Lunatic SWC and bought Loonyland 1. First was Supreme importanter for me, but after 2 months I started to play LL1 and at Easter this year, I get LL2 from my parents.

I think we have bought the same Egames collection SpiderPumpkin.
As far as I know I own still the sampler, and I see it's the 101 eGAMES collection, although there aren't 101 games in, only 40, I think
Frudelsoft Games

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