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Default The Fight Continues (Story)

Well, on my Ultimate Showdown thread, I gave an example of a fight, but I didn't finish it, so here's the FULL fight! Yay!

Archalon: I attack with shadow claw!
Mandytehkool: I block with my iPod!
Muko: I zap you guys with my shaman staff!
Archalon: Defend with darkness shield!
Mandytehkool: Destroy shield with iPod tunes!
Muko: Destroy iPod with shaman staff, and electrocute Archalon at the same time!
Archalon lost 1 health.
Mandytehkool: Turn on VideoNow to distract Muko and Archalon!
Archalon: Grab VideoNow!
Mandytehkool: Pull it away!
Muko: Zap Mandytehkool and Archalon!
Archalon: Defend with darkness shield!
The lightning hits Mandy, and then the lightning that was supposed to hit Archalon bounced off the shield and hit Mandy, Mandy loses 2 health.
Mandytehkool: Grab Muko's staff!
Muko: Grab it back!
Archalon: Swat Muko's hand away and grab the staff!
Muko: Run at Archalon!
Archalon: Fire Shield!
Muko runs at the shield and loses 1 health. Current Stats: Mandy 8/10
Muko 9/10 Archalon 9/10.
Muko: Daring leap through the shield to grab the staff!
Muko just dodges a flame and grabs the staff.
Mandytehkool: Turn up the volume to MAX on VideoNow, and put on some headphones!
Archalon: Att-ahh!!Turn that down!!!
Mandytehkool: Nope.
Archalon: Run at Mandy!
Mandytehkool: Stick VideoNow in Archalon's ear!
Archalon loses 1 health, and his health will keep draining for each turn the VideoNow is stuck in his ear.
Muko: Freeze Archalon!
Archalon is frozen for 5 turns, and loses 5 health. Archalon has only 3 health left.
Archalon: Call up ghosts, and attack, my ghosts!
Archalon loses 1 more health.
Mandytehkool: Turn on the lights!
The ghost dissapear, and Archalon loses another piece of his health.
Archalon: Goodbye...to all of you! Darkness Destruction Kamikaze!
When Archalon dies, a huge explosion erupts out of him, and Muko and Mandy are both reduced to 1/10 health.
Mandytehkool: Take out laptop and pound it on Muko's head!
Muko: Fire Ball!
Mandy and Muko both die. The fight has ended.

Like the fight?
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