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.Blue Dwarf.
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Default pp and yb?


what are prize points and yerf bucks?
how do i get them?
where do i use them?
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.
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Default Re: pp and yb?

PP is explained here: Clicky! The "competitions" in question are mostly Monthly Merges (currently totally not existing) and the occasional Art Competition, and probably other things I can't remember in the past.

...And Yerfbucks don't exist yet. You may have seen them in the recent Sneak Peeks. They will probably replace Prize Points when the new site is up. The idea is like Prize Points, but a lot more versatile.

Also, I have a question of my own: When the new site is up, will the forum change at all? (besides Yerfbucks and the stuff you do with them)
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Default Re: pp and yb?

If we're changing over to Yerf Bucks, does that make our Prize Points worthless? There must still be SOME way to get them, as otherwise the ones we have so far collected would just get wasted.
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Default Re: pp and yb?

Prize Points = Yerf Bucks. They'll be renamed; you won't lose any.
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Default Re: pp and yb?

As I've told people who recently requested avatar changes, the new site will do away with the avatar collection we have. You'll build them from bits, and they're all the same tiny size (24x32). So don't spend PP on a new avatar right now! They'll be able to do much more than sit next to your posts, eventually, so it's worth the downsizing. I'll also add more bits all the time, and it will still be possible to submit your own bits for a YB cost.

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Default Re: pp and yb?

Aaaaaaaaaah! I want a Punk Bunny more than a customisable stick-guy!
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