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I thought I was special!
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Default Oh boy, more people I know on the news!


A girl they interview near the end, "Megan Hymel"... Thats my half-sister! Oh, and the first guy they interview is her boyfriend. After that interview with the boyfriend, you can see both my sister, mother, and brother.. My sister goes to shake the principals hand, while my mother stands in the background and my brother is off to the side, barely noticable as the camera pans towards the principal.
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Default Re: Oh boy, more people I know on the news!

Wow. I don't know what the mace would look like, but I wouldn't want to have been there. My idea is a big spikey ball on a chain.
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Old 09-07-2007, 11:28 AM   #3
Legs sold separately.
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Default Re: Oh boy, more people I know on the news!

XD No, Julian. Mace is also a kind of tear gas. (Linky)

Wow. It might be nice to have people you know on TV about something not crime-related, though.
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