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She & her pronouns
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Default The Carnival for Dummies

Spinoff of The War for Dummies
The dummies are off to the carnival! Suprisingly, you start with 950 tickets! And the more tickets you have, the less tickets you have! 1000 tickets is 1 ticket, and no tickets at all is 999 tickets!


Ride [Ride Here]
Go on a ride. For a cost of tickets.

Go To [Booth Name Here]
Go to the booth.

Buy [Item Here]
Buy an item with your tickets.

If you want to join, just say so and do some actions.

Action Log
No actions used

Booths and Rides

Ferris Square - 10 Tickets
Merry Don't-Go Round - 15 Tickets

Items for Sale
Teddy Bear - 25 Tickets

Redbone's Items: none
Redbone has 950 tickets.
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Hammer Sideways
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Default Re: The Carnival for Dummies

*starts a campfire with 950 tickets* *gets 999 tickets by having no tickets* I go on the ferris square 9x9 (9 squared) times...
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Evil, random-voting vegetable
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Default Re: The Carnival for Dummies

Less is More.
Ignorance is Strength.

What's up with the ticket numbers?
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Legs sold separately.
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Default Re: The Carnival for Dummies

Onion, likewise I don't understand how you can have 2 different numbers of the same item. I'm guessing the starting 950 tickets is thus worth 51 tickets, unless the reversal thing has already occurred for them. IE, Wha!?
Caution: may contain traces of nuts
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