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Default Kentucky

Well, I leave on the 20th of November to go to Kentucky to visit some relatives on Thanksgiving. I won't be able to get on the forum from teusday to saturday, so bye. It's too bad I won't be able to do the "DumbWords" during this time . Or get on the chat .
Beware of quantum ducks: Quark! Quark!

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I thought I was special!
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Default Re: Kentucky

Have fun, don't eat the chicken, the Colonel makes me ill!
I am a jedi warrior.
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C.H.E.E.S.E. Burgher
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Default Re: Kentucky

And definitely don't eat the Colonel....

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Default Re: Kentucky

<injoke> Do eat the Colonel! </inkoke>
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Exploder of Communist Penguins
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Default Re: Kentucky

KFC makes me sick (literally) too. Anyhow, bye! Also, I'm leaving to visit relatives tomorrow and the day after. I might get some internet access the second day, but not the first.
Sigs are for the weak.
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