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Default Speech

I wrote a speech for school, and I was wondering what you guys thought about it. It is purly fictional, I do not actually support this topic and I am not responsible for any injuries caused to youor anyone else, either mental or physical caused by the reading of this speech.

Vampires are horrible, vile creatures. They suck blood, and that weakens people. There should not be any vampires at all in the world.

For one, they suck our blood. This weakens us. They do it by following us home, and then, night after night, listening in on us with their super hearing. When they know that we’re asleep, they come in by unlocking our door with their magic tricks. Then, near the ankle, they make a small cut with their fingernails while keeping us knocked out with a gas they breathe out. Then they suck our blood. They try to make sure that we don’t die, but often enough, we do die. They are also dirty creatures, so we may end up dying because of an infection called Vaminonia, which is caused by their saliva entering our bloodstream. Not all vampires have it, but most do.
My second reason is that they have super-strength and live for abnormally long amounts of time, as well as being able to climb walls. They are different in so many ways from humans, yet look so similar. If one of us were to duel with one of them, we would die instantly.
My third reason is that they have secret colonies underground. They are probably plotting a way to destroy us right now! There are millions of vampires out there. If we don’t get rid of them, then we will all end up as one of them. How many of you want that? Not many, that’s for sure! If we get rid of them all, there’ll be no chance of us becoming ones! There are already enough stories of vampires in the world, let us not have any more! Dracula is a true story. Did you know that? No. The vampires want you to think that they aren’t real, so that they can feast on you more easily.
I propose we drive stakes through all of their hearts! And this is how: we make one of you become a vampire and find out all the locations that they’re hiding and we take them down from the inside. Now, you won’t actually become one: we shall use a robot with an automatic heart and you talking through a speaker in it’s mouth. It will look and feel exactly like a human: it’ll even have blood from a blood bank in it’s veins. The bones will be almost exactly like real bones. Now, who will be our ‘vampire’?


Sources used:

Darren Shan Series by Darren Shan

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Default Re: Speech

For some reason, even though I have very small programming skills (someday I will, SOMEDAY YOU WAIT, BOY!), I like to plan video games. One of my 100+ ideas, Fantasy 2010, included Vampires with vampiric rifles and superjumps. Wierd.
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