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Lightbulb "Pirates of Silicon Valley"

I sat in on a class today and watched some of this movie. (The teacher skimmed through about half of it though, mainly the uninformative social life of Steve Jobs.) VERY interesting stuff. I knew Microsoft had stolen many ideas from Macintosh (most notably, GUI, which was already owned by somebody else), but I didn't know HP could've owned the original Mac or that Xerox could've claimed to dibs on the first mouse!

Ah, well, hindsight is always 20/20. With this newfound info, though, I don't think I'll ever look at Bill Gates or Windows the same way. For being a little dweeb, he was surprisingly devious! (At least, the way the actor portrayed him.) A wolf in sheep's clothing...

Anyway, anyone else who wants to comment on this movie (or correct me, cause I'm not sure if I remember my facts correctly), please do!
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Default Re: "Pirates of Silicon Valley"

I guess it's the weird way that patents work... Microsoft sorta got a little comeuppance when they got sued for "stealing" their rumble (years after they had it on their system :/)
Short story stuff!
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