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Default Re: Scary Stories

This is (a summary of) the ghost story that most scares me:
A man is in his house, when he hears a scratching noise. He goes downstairs to investigate, and dies. The next day, the house is in ruins and the man's charred corpse is lying in the centre of it. It scares me because you don't know why he dies, or how.
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Default Re: Scary Stories

House caught on fire? Sounds reasonable to me.
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Default Re: Scary Stories

Originally Posted by Ryuinfinity View Post
That's odd. I am normally scared by scary stories, but that one didn't scare me at all.
Maybe this will help?

Originally Posted by ElMikkino View Post
A hunter named Dustin was out in the woods. It was getting late, so he decided to find a place to stay for the night. He hadn't walked very far, when he found a large cabin. The door was unlocked. He went in, thinking that he would meet the owner in the morning.

He went upstairs and climbed in a bed. He didn't go to sleep right away, though, because there were all these portraits on the walls. Each one of them had [a psychotic expression], and it looked like they were looking right at him. Eventually, though, he fell into an uneasy sleep.

He woke up the next morning. He got up to investigate the portraits further, when he found out that they weren't portraits, but windows.

Angry is a basic emotion. You're in the middle of the woods, someone looks at you angrily. You think, "Sorry! I shouldn't have slept here!" You're in the middle of the woods, someone looks psychotic, you think, "What... What are they thinking? What are they going to do? What are they going to do to me?"

At least, I think that's scarier.

P.S. Sonicfan7, I really hope you didn't read this post.
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Default Re: Scary Stories

There are five people. Three of them are in some sort of spook-club or something (I forgot, I read this story forever ago). Two are people who want to join. They go to this spooky house and give the first guy a candle.
"Go inside, wait for ten minutes, and you're in." They tell him. He takes the candle, and heads inside. The house is 3 stories tall. The remaining four people watch the glow of his candle go up the stairs. As he reaches the top floor, his candle goes out. They watch in silence for a minute, then turn to the second pledge.

"Take this candle and go see what happened." They tell him. He obliges, and heads on up. Upon reaching the third floor, his candle goes out too. The trio watches for a moment, before heading into the house armed with flashlights. They reach the third floor, which is one giant room. The room is completely barren, and covered in a thick layer of dust. The pledges' footprints lead directly to an old window. Both the area around the footprints, and the window ledge are spattered with blood. The area below the window is covered in weeds, none of which look disturbed. There is nothing around the window that would allow the pledges to get down safely.

The two pledges where never found.
No bueno.
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Default Re: Scary Stories

What about my story?

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