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.Blue Dwarf.
King of the Shrooms
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Default Joke's on me...

Shortly after I said that I too was leaving(as an April fools joke), I went to bed...

Afew minutes later my brother came out and changed my internet password.
(It concerns me that he found a way to do that...)

I tried to get on from school but my teacher caught me and said no.
So I haven't been able to get back to Hamumu until now.
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.
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Evil, random-voting vegetable
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Default Re: Joke's on me...

Change your password to something more secure.
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All your brains belong to me!
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Default Re: Joke's on me...

Something like 'Bluedwarfistheultimate31337andnobodywillguessthis password'.

Become one of us.
Join the revolution.
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Exploder of Communist Penguins
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Default Re: Joke's on me...

Originally Posted by souperzombie View Post
Something like 'Bluedwarfistheultimate31337andnobodywillguessthis password'.
Or rather, something completely different from that so SZ won't hack it .
Sigs are for the weak.
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Large Mortal
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Default Re: Joke's on me...

If you use AOL, you can just save a new password.
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Default Re: Joke's on me...

Or you could buy a motion detecter, and attach it to a string, to a gourd full of cold water.

Varkarrus is t3h evilz0rz!
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