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Default Rules for mafia

Some new people to Hamumu want to learn how to play Mafia. The site http://www.sitesled.com/members/mike...afiascum04.swf works well at that, but doesn't work for some people. I created the rules for mafia for those people. Please tell me if I forgot anything

Mafia is a game where there are usually 2 sides, the townies and the mafia. The townies goal is to kill all of the mafia. The mafia are trying to kill all of the townie. In the begining of a game, all players are privately told what their role is by the host. A townie does not know anyone elses role, only his own. A mafia is told who his other members in crime are. When it is day in the game, everyone talks to eachother and try to decide which one of them is mafia. The mafia are trying to seem like townies to avoid death. Each person can vote to lynch whoever they think is most suspicious. they are allowed to change or remove those votes at any time. when someone has more than half the votes, that person is lynched and you learn his role. Durining the night phase of the game, no one is allowed to speak. The mafia choose who to kill and send their choice to the host. The next day, the person's role is revealed. Mafia is not only played with 2 roles, for a complete list of roles, look here: http://mikeburnfire.sitesled.com/mscumB.swf.
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