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Default Random Boardgame Meta Information

I have decided to retroactively declare Clue and the LOTR boardgame to be part of a series, and to allow others to host other random boardgames in an organized fashion, in hopes of landing a spot in the Forum-Games forum permanently, instead of temporarily as happened with Clue.

A boardgame, for the purposes of this meta-system, shall be defined as follows: A game usually played in real life on a board, where the main sequence of the game has each player taking separate turns. There may be portions, such as a setup or an event, where players act simultaneously, but for the most part players act separately.

General Rules for players:
Follow the rules of the boardgame except where exceptions are made by the host.
Be a fair sport.
Chatting about the game is allowed unless explicitly disallowed by the rules of a boardgame, but no hidden information may be discussed, except by PMs between those who know the information.
Have fun.

General Rules for hosts:
Know your game. No objective standard for this, but you should be able to host your game effectively.
Be consistent. Otherwise the game is likely to be declared broken. Try shuffling any decks before the game starts.
Come up with a system for porting the game to the internets. Seriously, this should go without saying.
Know how to host. If you have already hosted a non-broken official forum game (or this game), you pass this requirement automatically. It may also be waived by any previous board game host if they agree to cover for you if you slip up.
Don't keep people waiting too long. If your game hasn't started within a month of the last one ending, you'll be skipped. If you don't answer a decision made by the players within a week after new information needs to be revealed, either your co-host will step in, or you will have to be replaced.
Know how things happen around here. In other words, you must have played at least one boardgame actively. No need to have posts showing logic, but answer decisions.
No more than one spot held on the sign-ups at a time per host.
Not all games that fit the definition of a board game have to be played using this system, even games that were played under this system before. You may create a separate series in Total Mayhem if you wish.
No game which has a separate system existing may be played using this system.

Host sign-ups:
Sillyman, with Parcheesi.

Eligible hosts:
Ufo-Man (With Co-Host)
Version: 3.12
GCS/M d- s: a--- C++ UL P L+++(+) E- W++ N o+ K? w O? M V? PS PE Y PGP- t+ 5? X? R>+ tv+ b+>++ DI+@ D(---) G e->++++ !h r? y?

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