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Default Contest tip

If you have a really good idea for a contest, don't post it until near the end so its still fresh in the judge's mind.
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Default Re: Contest tip

Um, what? What contest?
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Default Re: Contest tip

The Monster contest that's still going on, I'm guessing. Also, if you post a good idea early, it gives the judge more time to consider it.
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Default Re: Contest tip

I'm going to read the entire thread when it's over, and consider the entries then. There's no advantage to posting sooner or later in that respect (especially since you can enter as much as you wish - put your first ideas in now, then be inspired by others' ideas for new ones later).

Of course, there is an advantage to posting early: if someone else comes up with the same thing, you'll win because you put it first.

And of course, there is an advantage to posting late: you can tweak someone else's idea and make it win for you!

So post all the time.
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Default Re: Contest tip

If you have a really good idea for a contest, post it so the judge will know you entered.
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