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Yerfdog Yerf bucks?

These.... yerfbucks. currency, for the dumb people. Like, what can you use them for, other than buying avatar things? i need some explanation. Also, how do you earn these? do you post?

Wondering, Fourwind.
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Default Re: Yerf bucks?

Yerfbucks, sometimes referred to as YBs, can be used to get a custom title, receive a discount on Hamumu Games, (each one is worth $0.01) and can be used as currency if you want a favor or something done. Sometimes every now and then, Jamul needs help to test his games before he releases them, and you can pay him YBs to test it. (Testers get the games before they are released, get their name included in the credits, and sometimes receive a special prize) However, the position may not be able for sale, as sometimes Jamul needs people of specific skill levels.

There are some random goals which you need to get to receive YBs. A couple to name are posting a helpful tip for a Hamumu game on the forum or chat, and another is building a world for Dr.Lunatic: Supreme with Cheese. You by no means have to have a Hamumu game to get them, as there are other that don't require buying one at all. Two more examples would be posting a certain amount of times, (Not in Total Mayham, those posts don't count) and playing one of the Webgames for a full month. (No need to win, you just have to show up, as the title of the goal says)

Hope this helped, and Welcome to Hamumu!
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