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Talking Broken Harts shop

Hey! Im fourwind, and as you know, im saving for supreme with cheese! So.... I made a shop! So far there is only 1 item, and the image was drawn in paint, but im going to make more. I may also make some other shops.
When i make more shops, just click the broken harts logo to check out the others.

These are the shops

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creator of art!
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Default Re: Broken Harts shop

wow . .
11:00 PM [Jamul] you have successfully told the past!
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Default Re: Broken Harts shop

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Legs sold separately.
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Default Re: Broken Harts shop

Is that second link really suitable, given what that stands for?

Other than that, you really are trying everything, aren't you?
Caution: may contain traces of nuts

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Ion Sumo
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Default Re: Broken Harts shop

You should have used one of the many free painting programs on the internet to make those. They'd sell much better if you could make them look nice.
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Default Re: Broken Harts shop

It looks far more professional if you spell Hearts correctly.
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