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Default Supreme/docs/editor

Keyboard Shortcuts
:Toggle the display of the Control Box and View Menu (if it's open). Use this to view more of the level at once.
Arrow Keys:
Scroll the screen. Hold down CTRL or whichever key is configured to be the fire button to scroll at incredible speed.
1...8:Select the different Tools (same order they're in in the menu)
G:Put whatever is under the cursor into the currently active box of the current tool (like an eyedropper tool in a paint program). G stands for Get.
B:Increase the brush size.
: Delete monsters, items, and specials directly under the cursor. No effect on walls, floors, or light.
:Immediately set the light level for the entire map to whatever is directly under the cursor. Good for making dark levels, or undoing a dark level. C stands for.... "Completely light the level"?
Shift-M:Merge a second world onto the current world. Read detailed help above.
:Creates a file named "req_files.txt" in your Supreme folder. This file lists all the files that the currently loaded world relies on. It helps you know what to pack up when sharing your world with someone else.
:Creates two files in your Supreme folder. "level_scan.txt" gives you detailed information on the current level, telling you where every special, item, and badguy are. "var_scan.txt" gives you detailed information on all the variables used in the world. This can be very helpful for serious world debugging.
F:Open the File Menu.
:Test your level.
Open the World Menu.
L:Open the Level Menu.
V:Open the View Menu.
Y:"Yes" in yes/no dialogs.
N:"No" in yes/no dialogs.

How do the last two work?
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Default Re: Supreme/docs/editor

Originally Posted by Megadog View Post
How do the last two work?
Just press the "Y" or "N" key when a yes/no dialogue is shown; it's the equivalent of clicking the respective button.

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