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Don't try this at home.
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Default Digital Camera?

I need a new digital camera after my old one kicked the bucket. Luckily, my grandmother just gave me $500 (it was supposed to be for Christmas, but we couldn't get to her house in Maryland until last weekend), so...I'm looking for a relatively good camera in the $100-$250 range that can fit in a pocket (ultracompact) and has at least a 4X zoom lens and image stabilization, and maybe face recognition and some other gizmos, and that looks cool. Any ideas?

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Default Re: Digital Camera?

Such a camera doesn't exist. Though may I reccomend the Nikon Coolpix L11? It is quite close to what you want.
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Default Re: Digital Camera?

So long as you don't want the other fancy gizmos, you can probably find sometihng.
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Don't try this at home.
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Default Re: Digital Camera?

I sprung for a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8, which, along with several other cameras I looked at, does fit all those requirements, and in fact exceeds many of them. It has face recognition, optical image stabilization, a Leica lens with 5x optical zoom, manual exposure controls (which was something else I wanted), looks very cool, and only cost about $150. http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-e...00000000005702

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Default Re: Digital Camera?

Wow, that looks nice AND seems to be reasonably priced!
Have fun!
Remember, if you ever need any help, or have any queries or concerns, feel free to ask! You can PM or e-mail me.

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