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Default Trophies

Can anyone who has the trophy above helpmotron, the trophy above upper class, the trophy above Marketing Genius or the 100 club trophy please tell me (Don't ask why!)
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Default Re: Trophies

I'm pretty sure the only person with Helpmotron is Mossysox
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Default Re: Trophies

There is no known trophy above Upper Class - I've been trying to save up for a while, though. I think it's 5,000 yerfbucks.
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Default Re: Trophies

There is no known trophy above 100 Club either.
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Default Re: Trophies

Using my does-it-exist trophy finder, I know that there is a trophy above Helpmotron and there is one above Upper Class. There is also one above Marketing Genius. I'm not sure how to earn them, however. The one above Marketing Genius still evades me... despite my 6 referrals.

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