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Talking RA 2 minigame contest!

seriously. gimme the skinny. if i use them (which will be almost definite) i will give you a cut of what a make. i made 21 YB from RA 1!!!! but they have to be FUN ideas. and plus im thinking of making a school in kara city this time. but, if someone has an account on yoyogames, could i borrow it? 10 YB to someone who lets me borrow it. i wanna buy pro, that's all. is it such a sin? it wont let me buy it, cus it wont let me activate my account. so PLEASE.
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Default Re: RA 2 minigame contest!

If you can't activate your account, you should really check with the people at yoyogames. It would probably attach the purchase to the account (like Hamumu does, adding your games bought to your dumb page). So if you used someone else's account, it could get messy.
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