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Talking RA 2 species contest!

ok, we need:
Field Species
Dominant Species
Swamp Species
Walky Things (like tapirs, or something)
Flappy things (birds)
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Connor S.
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Default Re: RA 2 species contest!

Field Species: Bizoom: Travels in a herd eating loads of grass. When threatened, it can run away at speeds of a lot. Looks like a purple cow.

Dominant Species: Cougrowl: A large feline animal that has sharp teeth. nuff said.

Swamp Species: Hurlap: It sits in the swamp with just ts eyes and nose sitting above the surface. When prey comes by, it shoots swamp water from its nose to trap the prey in the swamp, making it an easy target.

Walky Things: Giroaf: A giraffe like creature with a short neck and only 3 legs, but is very fast. The Only downside: It falls often unless walking backwards

Flappy Things: Ostrage: A Flightless bird that is angered quickly. It can spit a powerful acid, and uses its large wings to ward off predators.

Insects: Buggzer: A Fly like creature that bugs other creatures to cause them to give off a powerful hormone this insect feeds off of.
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Post Re: RA 2 species contest!

TROLLS. dominant, made of stone, big, angry, brainless.
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