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Inanimate Carbon Rod
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Default Proper dental floss usage

A professional in the field of dental hygiene instructed me to use a forearm's length of floss on my teeth, however, I am unclear as to how much floss I am supposed to use for each space between my teeth. I've found that using a different section of floss for every single crevice will expend the entire strand long before I am finished, while repeatedly using the same area of dental floss will cause a disgusting gunk buildup. I want to know if there is some sort of magic number for times I should reuse a section of floss or if I should even reuse at all.
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The Demagogue
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Default Re: Proper dental floss usage

Buy a floss brush...
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magic fly
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Default Re: Proper dental floss usage

I would say either use more floss or rinse and reuse parts of the floss.
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