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Default Best Songs of 2010?

So, what do you all thing the top 10 songs of 2010 were? My personal list:

10. That one My Darkest Days song. If you listen to rock radio, you know it and why I can't mention it by name. It would be higher, but I hate Chad Kroeger.

9. Coheed & Cambria- "Here We Are Juggernaut". Not their best, but still shines enough to make it onto my list.

8. Hail the Villain- "Runaway". Would be higher, but I'm basing this on studio releases. These guys are awesome live, though.

7. The Showdown- "The Man Named [HPL]" A new release from one of the newest runners on the surprisingly heavy Christian metal scene. The lyrics are a bit ridiculous (they're about a bunch of bikers battling Satan), but the song is awesome, sounding like a cross between Demon Hunter and Lamb of God.

6. Ozzy Osbourne- "Let Me Hear You Scream"- I love Ozzy Osbourne. If he still had Zakk Wylde on guitar, this would probably have moved up several slots. Also, Ozzy's signature sound is becoming a bit stale.

5. Avenged Sevenfold- "Nightmare". This song has pretty much become an anthem for A7X, and for good reason. Great example of their music.

4. My Chemical Romance- "The Only Hope For Me Is You". Don't know why, I just love this tune.

3. Blind Guardian- "Wheel of Time". Blind Guardian is traditionally my favorite band, and I still love them, but their 2010 album was slightly less impressive than their previous releases. This is still a fantastic 13-minute epic about Robert Jordan's massive ongoing epic fantasy series.

2. Stone Sour- "Say You'll Haunt Me". A fairly interestingly written love song. Despite my hatred of almost everything related to Slipknot, I have a strong soft spot for Stone Sour. Corey Taylor has a beautiful clean voice.

1. Mutiny Within- "Awake". Shifting rapidly from brutal Children of Bodom-esque death metal to the powerful chorus, this song has the energy, technicality, and altogether awesomeness to be my favorite song of 2010.
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