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Default Multiplayer Worlds?

I had this cool idea awhile back, and actually completed two levels that (hypothetically at least) could be played by two players. With a total of 6 play keys, I figured you could give each player 3 keys (obviously a change in key locations would be required, perhaps AWD and <^>) and create plenty of nifty two-player mini-games within a world! Of course, this would require of the player at least one friend or family member, but I hope most people could meet this small prerequisite.

I eventually gave up construction of this world for the lack of good ideas, but the two levels I did do worked well and seemed fun (well, to me anyways). In each of the levels, I removed Bouapha in the beginning and instead based my levels on games that required no character movement. One of the levels involved two moon bases located in the center of the screen, one for each player, that would shoot out lasers to destroy the passing "moon invaders" when the corresponding player's key was pressed. This level was timed and once the clock ran out, whoever had scored the most points (based on how many alien ships were shot down) won, and they "win" the level and return to the hub. The other level was based on Dance Dance revolution and other arrow based games of the like. Both players would race to complete a set of ten randomly generated directional arrows in order to have their robot to damage the opponent's robot. After a player won four sets, the enemy's robot would be destroyed and the level was completed.

If I knew how to post pictures or upload them to the web I would show some pictures of this world in order to give a better explanation of what is looks like. I just thought I would see what the hamumu community thought about my idea, and see if they had any ideas for a fun and functional game that could be included in this world (also not too hard to do; I know the basics of the editor and variables, but I'm no expert).

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Default Re: Multiplayer Worlds?

It sounds really cool! But here's my suggestion: come up with games you can do with only two buttons (or uneven games where one player gets 4 buttons and the other only 2). Why? So that nobody has to reconfigure keys to play your world! One player could be on arrow keys, and the other on the fire/special buttons, which by default are on the opposite ends of the keyboard.

In that vein, you could do a racing game, where each player has left and right buttons, and they try to dodge the obstacles that are coming down the screen. Swapmap tricks achieve that.
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Default Re: Multiplayer Worlds?

One player could use Fire and Shift buttons to summon stuff in a room while the other tries to run around via arrow keys. (Maybe Shift gives the first player 1 coin, and Fire spends 10 coins on a Bombot to attack player 2) The game ends with a victory for the arrow-key player if they survive a certain amount of time, and if they don't, it ends in victory for the fire/shift player.
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