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Default Wiki is Spammed?

Don't know if anyone noticed this, but someone spammed the Culture page of the Hamumu Wiki.


Random stuff added to the list of people Chris Da Lunatic (CDL) reappeared as, along with some innocent Hamumumians.


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Default Re: Wiki is Spammed?

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Default Re: Wiki is Spammed?

The Wiki gets attacked by CDL and DLF every so often. It's best not to pay attention to that; their attacks will be put to an end sooner or later (I would have done that personally, but I was either asleep or not at home when most of it happened; I already did two rollbacks yesterday, though). You shouldn't worry about nobody noticing bad stuff happening to the Wiki for a long time, I refresh it all the time and would have fixed it by now if it wasn't already fixed.

Oh, and please don't link to the articles that are being vandalised. People shouldn't be inspired to read that stuff.

EDIT: BTW, regular Wiki users can remove vandalism as well, so instead of making a thread about an article being vandalised, just fix it if nobody else does. Permission or whatever is never required to remove vandalism, so go ahead and remove that stuff if it appears in an article.

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Default Re: Wiki is Spammed?

But what's that about a malicious batch file?
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