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Unhappy help

i think jammul has banned me and i dont know y it wont let me get on to any other page than this when i click it says this:

Are you trying to cheat your way to stardom? Cheaters never win. You should be ashamed of yourself. To think I trusted you! This is like a knife in my back! You know what? I'm not even going to give you a handy link to go back to the previous page. You are a horrible person. It hurts that you would treat me like this, when I've done so much for you. I give and I give, and this is what I get? Shpadoinkle!
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Default Re: help

What have you been doing?
Caution: may contain traces of nuts
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Default Re: help

He's been URL-manipulating.
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Default Re: help

If you were banned, you wouldn't be posting here, now would you? That message appears if you go to the "got a trophy" page when you don't have an actual trophy due. Usually just by hitting the back button or refresh after getting a trophy.
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Default Re: help

But he said that whenever he tries to go anywhere but the forum it says that.
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