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Crazy Dude
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Default Knittel's BHE surprise

Boo, from Germany!
This is my very spooky Halloween surprise. Have fun playing it!
Well, it's a very bad Game (text adventure), but I've done it as good as possible. Next Time It may get better, but have fun playing this version.

Frudelsoft Games
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Bacorn Overlord
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Default Re: Knittel's BHE surprise

It's great! I like it ! Au8Cdw
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Default Re: Knittel's BHE surprise

I got killed by a swamp creature, yay me :D Will probably try again later.

Anyway, this is actually very nice, kudos for apparently using a real programming language as well. There some minor spelling/grammar mistakes and when you reach the ghost hills, the "keys available" text thingy suddenly becomes German for some reason, but it's still very good. Keep it up!
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