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Default Post Counts

8:43 [SpaceManiac]: Almost 900 of Hamumu's 2000 users have never posted
8:44 [SpaceManiac]: About 1420 have posted 5 times or less
8:45 [SpaceManiac]: Only about 150 have posted 100 or more times
8:46 [SpaceManiac]: And exactly 25 people have posted 1000 times or more
8:46 [SpaceManiac]: Excluding "Anonymous"
8:46 [CheeseLord]: I've posted almost 1000
8:46 [CheeseLord]: But I still haven't actually earned that trophy...
[Dumb Folks]: sammy007 has left at 8:46
8:47 [SpaceManiac]: 925
8:47 [SpaceManiac]: I have 847
8:47 [CheeseLord]: It would probably be more if I hadn't gotten the trophy from a computer error...
8:47 [SpaceManiac]: hmm
8:47 [SpaceManiac]: The higher you go, the less people there are with that many posts
8:48 [CheeseLord]: That surprises you?
8:48 [SpaceManiac]: Not in the least
8:48 [SpaceManiac]: I am 5th place in people under 1000
8:49 [SpaceManiac]: pizza, Ufo-Man, you, happystickman, and me
8:49 [SpaceManiac]: Pizza has 978
Also - though the Members count at the bottom of the forums index says 2,314, there are 413 who aren't on the Members List.
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Default Re: Post Counts

Originally Posted by SpaceManiac View Post
though the Members count at the bottom of the forums index says 2,314, there are 413 who aren't on the Members List.
Banned members aren't shown on the member list; that might be the reason. (Not exactly sure what happens to ad spammers, whether they're banned or their accounts are deleted, and even if they are deleted, the counter thingy may not to that into account (again, just an assumption).)
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