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Default Idea's for forum games

Im trying to make an AWESOME forum game, but i cant think up anything. If i can get a name, i can build on from that. Here are some idea's i already have.
If you like one of these, vote for it. It may become one.

Monster master: Create, Evolve, And battle creatures, made by you!

Cat: I believe i created one like this before, but anyway you are a cat. You must survive, Make a clan, and fight other clans to gain control of the forest!

K.P.H: You are aliens, and your job is to KILL PUNY HUMANS!

Eternal territory: Hire units to take over territories on a map, while upgrading buildings and using strategy

Dark matter: An rpg with party creating, Weapon upgrading and editing, using the infamous Dark matter. Tto level up, upgrade your matter abilitys, and fight monsters.(Strange idea, i made this years ago)

Chip Run: In a computer generated world, you must get commands, create programs, and hack systems to gain control of networks. I rather like this one...

City Runner: A parkour game, where you choose a color, then are sent into a city to do jobs, such as delivery, assassination, and collection.

If you like an idea, vote for it. If you want to suggest one, do.
Also, Donate! Im working on forum games all the time!

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Connor S.
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Default Re: Idea's for forum games

Coolguys already stolen all the good games... :whistle:

But seriously, you could put up an actul poll, since your getting people to vote for stuff anyways...
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Default Re: Idea's for forum games

The trick to the popular games (Coolguy's ones and Mafia) is that they have fixed rules, as opposed to what tends to happen (or at least seems to; I don't pay much attention.) to more 'RPG' games, in which pretty much anything goes.

I'd say that the former is better as a game, so I'd recommend having the game pretty well structured. A lot of your ideas include players modifying things, or making-up their own powers. Perhaps you could have a system where the total of all a player's attacks can only go up to 10 when they start, or something like that.
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Default Re: Idea's for forum games

Monster Master sounds good- It reminds me of those pet-type games people tried a while ago. Make a lot of ways to modify characters! Eternal Territory could become fun, too, if you figured out a rules system... although Mr Onion has also tried a war game, and that went so slow that it died off before the third round.

However, most of your other games just say it's an RPG and give a setting without actually defining any of the gameplay.
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